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We know the vulnerabilities that Hackers and Cyber Criminals look for. But ultimately, Quesst know how to get you back online fast AND future protect your website!


Future protect your business website. If you’re an Agency and need our expertise Quesst offer a white label repair service to fix your client’s site.

We can repair your hacked site for a one off fee but then Quesst would always recommend putting in place a security maintenance plan after your site is restored.

** prices quoted above are for approx guideline only. Each website is unique, has different technologies, pages, features. Contact us for a custom quotation.

Need to get your site fixed or want future protection?


ACT FAST, get in touch with us and we’ll do all Quesst can to get you back online with better security.

If you’ve arrived at this page because your website is hacked then for obvious reasons you may be feeling distressed and worried about your business reputation. Don’t panic. We have the expertise to help get your site back up and running – compromise-free.

Fast response time
Rapid Response Time

We will start repairing your site right away, usually the same day until all issues are resolved and your website is back online.

Future security strategy
Security Plan Strategy

The ultimate goal is prevention, so Quesst will provide you with a detailed list showing how to best protect your website in the future.

Affordable hack repair
No Hidden Costs

Our payment terms are completely transparent, Quesst never ever invoice our clients with unexpected additional costs.

Site security experts
Cyber Security Experts

With years of advanced web development expertise, Quesst use this knowledge to our advantage and repair your site fast.

Scan website for malicious code injections
Enterprise Level Scanning

We scan and inspect every single file on your website for malicious code, blackhat SEO spam injections, malware and more.

Site repair and file clean-up
Repair & Cleanup

We clear all traces of hack-related issues, including phishing, drive-by downloads, backdoors, and other malicious files.


Most websites can be fixed after a compromise.

We repair sites built with -

However, if your website has been totally obliterated by the hacker, the only option Quesst have is to restore your website from any backups you might have. In some instances where no backups are taken, Quesst can re-build your site using caching engines. This isn’t the quickest option to get you back up and running but may be the only option you have to get your site back.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions Quesst get asked. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please get in touch.

How do I know if my website's been hacked?

A compromise will sometimes go a long time unnoticed!

A lot of the time you will notice your site has been hijacked by seeing an inappropriate holding page or worse, a blank page! You might even see advertisements or spammy code within the page content, but sometimes this can be hidden within the code.

The worst cases Quesst see are sites that are being used to host billing, merchant accounts, and third-party systems. These hacks are severe and need to be removed immediately.

If you’ve spotted a problem with your website and want to find out why and how it’s happened, contact us now. In plain English, Quesst will help you to understand the root cause and how to safeguard your website in future.

Is my website repairable?

In most cases yes!

Most websites can be repaired and restored after a hack. You need to ensure a Security Professional carries out the clean-up to ensure all malware and any suspicious code is removed. Although there are tools out there that claim to do this for you, they are not 100% reliable. Hackers are very good (and getting better) at hiding their code and it’s only with the human naked eye that some code or files can be removed.

The only instance where Quesst cannot repair a website after a hack is if it’s been totally obliterated and deleted off the server. If you don’t have a recent or clean backup then your only option is to rebuild it. This can be done using a number of online caching engines and Quesst can help you with this to restore your website.

If your websites been hacked or notice anything strange going on with your website or email get in touch now and ask for a comprehensive Security Audit.

Can I just restore from a backup?

Solve the issues first and foremost for prevention!

Restoring your website from a recent or clean version backup will get it back online, but it won’t solve the issues which led to the hack. The likelihood of your website getting hacked again without addressing the issues will lead to another compromise. This could be the day after, week after but it will eventually happen again.

You need to find out why your website was hacked and fix the issues to help block any future attack. Monitoring and security updates are essential for keeping your website secure.

Will my Search Engine ranking be affected?

Act quickly before your SEO reputation is damaged!

It can and will eventually happen if you don’t do anything about it. Google and other search engines will eventually be alerted that your website has an issue and they can even determine what type of hack it is. Your visitors or customers will not be able to open up your page and they could see a number of ‘safe browsing’ warnings pop up.

The worst case scenario is your search engine ranking placement (SERP) dropping and this will lead to a decrease in traffic and lost revenue.

The key to stopping any SEO damage is to act quickly, ensure your website is whitelisted and put a security strategy in place.

My website's been hacked, now what?

Panicking will not help fix the problem!

As a website owner, whether it be a personal or business website, being hacked can be a big shock. Generally, the most common hacks Quesst see are from sophisticated bots that scan for exploitable areas and will attempt to edit the pages of your current site in order to place spammy links on your site to bad neighbourhoods on the web. The links are sometimes hidden so thorough investigation is needed to identify the root causes. Your website was hacked because it had one or more vulnerabilities which could be from the plug-ins it uses or other module or component installed. It could even be that the website admin was hacked, in which case means (in some instances) an insecure password was being used.

A website needs securing and monitoring on a regular basis to help prevent it from being a target. In today’s digital era no website is safe unless adequate protection is put in place to help protect it.

Whilst your website is displaying inappropriate content, forward linking to other websites or more severe offline, this could potentially be costing you greatly in lost revenue. If you don’t act quickly, it will lead to more destruction by damaging your SEO placement, reputation or worse.

Our knowledge and experience will provide you with a security plan for your website that will leave you feeling like you have total peace of mind.

Can this be prevented from happening again?

We highly recommend our monthly security plan!

Once we’ve identified the cause of the hack Quesst will work to fix it and block any future compromise.

Security holes are very common with any website so it’s important to stay up to speed with website security. Our monthly security plans will ensure your website is protected and help deter any hacker from gaining access to your file system.

Let us handle the ongoing maintenance for you, providing complete peace of mind whilst you get on with running your business and website.

Can you perform a full security audit on my website?

Let us identify the weaknesses and fix them for good!

Yes, Quesst can. There is nothing to install and our tests will not disturb your site or visitors. We’ll quickly identify your website security issues and provide a detailed report explaining the vulnerabilities found. We’ll then work with you to fix them and secure your website.

Some of the common things Quesst look for include SQL Injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), File Disclosure, Remote File Inclusion, PHP/ASP and BASE64 Code Injections.

With our Security Audit, we’ll inspect and crawl every page of your site, testing every open entry point against every possible security risk.


Prevention methods from online attempts to take your site offline and compromises should be a top priority for your business!

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