It’s more important than ever to have a high-quality website which not only follows Search Engines best practice guidelines but also offers a fantastic UX.

An automated audit tool cannot show a true representation of the health of your website and do not offer real value in terms of what needs to be fixed to improve traffic and increase enquiries or sales.

Our Website Audits are carried out by expert Web and SEO specialists (real people!) who analyse a number of important factors. Exactly what this entails will depend on your needs, but its backbone is usually formed of a general site health check covering technical issues such as hosting, server issues, speed, and accessibility. It also forms an important part of the redesign process if you are planning on having a new website developed.


  • Title tag optimisation / length.
  • Keyword density, primary, variation and alternate.
  • Image alt text.
  • Clean / short URLs.
  • Unique content above the fold.
  • Keyword cannibalisation.
  • Robots.txt.
  • Javascript, cookies, and CSS.
  • Redirects (301, 302s, 307s, meta refresh).
  • Rel canonical link tag.
  • GZIP and minification.
  • Crawl errors.
  • Horizontal structure.
  • Anchor text.
  • Broken links.


Our hands-on approach and immersion into data from various sources give you the best chance of improving your online business.

Technical site analysis
Custom Report

Your actionable report is written by a Web Developer with extensive technical experience working on hundreds of sites. It’s broken down into categories including design, SEO, and usability.

Fast report turnaround
Quick Turnaround

We appreciate as a business owner your time sensitive. Get started today and get your audit results fast, usually within 5 days of our initial kickoff introduction.

website report checklist
Issues clearly explained
No Jargon Promise

All our findings are presented with clear and easy to understand explanation. We’ve helped countless businesses just like yours, whatever the industry.

Win more customers and boost sales of services or products
Improve Your Business

Your website is one major marketing asset, and if looked after and developed properly, will sky-rocket your business, winning new customers and increase sales.


Our technical site audit goes far beyond the superficial automated free audits out there.

When auditing your site, we’re looking at all aspects of the UX (User Experience). Is there information missing that visitors may be looking for? Does the overall design look dated, giving users the feeling that the site is not trustworthy or a ‘good’ business? Are errors displayed on the page? Is certain functionality hard to understand or use? Is it accessible on mobile devices with responsive content? These are just some of the important factors Quesst look at when carrying out a full Website Audit.

Your site is also tested for accessibility, speed, potential penalties, thin content, coding issues, SEO issues (meta titles, keywords, image optimisation) and technical compliance (usability, rich-markup, 404’s, Sitemaps, 301’s, WWW Resolve, Robots.txt) and much more. Your report is not automated or crammed with technical jargon, only expert findings, and advice on how Quesst can help you fix and improve your website.

UX design analysis
User Experience

Nearly every aspect of UX contributes to your website’s conversion rate. If your site is hard to navigate, slow to load or causes other issues for your visitors, you’ll lose customers.

Content review

Moving a website from one platform to another, redesigning a website, or making any other major change to a site is an opportunity to take stock and remove waste.

Technical and code analysis
Technical & Code

Having a “web-friendly” or accessible website is critical to search engine success. We review your site code and find any issues that could be causing problems.

SEO score and visibility in search engines
General SEO

We take a comprehensive look at your website, checking the basics are in place and searching for any possible issues – major or minor – that could be dampening your search engine rankings.

Website speed test and page rendering
Site Speed

We check minification, caching, GZIP and also look at the web design, code, hosting provider, databases, and site content in order to advise how Quesst can increase overall speed.

Site security and protection

Is your CMS running the up-to-date secure version? Ever been hacked? We will find all your sites vulnerabilities and offer suggestions to help prevent any future compromise.


You might already have an amazing looking site but if there are technical errors present it will do little to generate more visitors from a search online.

Having a “web-friendly” or accessible website is absolutely critical to achieving search engine success. We will review every technical aspect of your website code and work with you to address the issues that are causing poor Search Engine rankings.

A Technical Website Audit and report is different to an SEO and Marketing Audit and offered as a separate analysis due to the fact that not every site has technical or coding issues. If your website doesn’t have any major issues you can jump straight into the SEO Audit, prior to investing in marketing to build popularity and boost rankings.

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