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How much revenue are you losing because your website is too slow, sluggish, difficult to use or not built with the needs of the user and the speed of the mobile internet in mind?

Whilst it’s very nice having an all singing and dancing site, fancy design elements can seriously slow down performance. There are still millions of internet users that don’t have access to the super speed fibre highway. According to Google data, 53% of mobile visitors abandon a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds. The likelihood of a bounce significantly increases to 106% if it takes six seconds to load.

With years of experience, Design & Online Promotions is a web design company that understands the need for speed.

Our technical setup is built for speed and usability which has evolved with the demands of the digital world. We deploy site experiences that are 100% responsive across all devices and structured to minimise page load time.

This means they will not just meet, but exceed, the high demands of the modern day user and super-charge their path to conversion. Content that delivers fast, contributes to a better user experience for your site visitors.

High-Speed, High-Satisfaction

We’re a web design agency that specialises in high-speed, high-satisfaction and high-conversion sites. Our clients are spread across a multitude of industries including Agriculture, Construction, Education, Energy, Financial, Food, Health, Manufacturing, Property and Transport. It doesn’t matter whether a site is a simple presentation or offers a whole host of functionality, performance and the technical stuff behind a site is crucial to its success.

Your pages should be easy on the eye and not harsh to look at so find a colour palette that compliments your branding scheme well.

Responsive fast web design

Responsive Website Development

If you’ve visited a website on your mobile and the page doesn’t quite look right or the text is too small it’s because the website was not responsive. From complex eCommerce shops to beautifully designed brand sites, your website should be accessible when viewed from any device. Our sites are fully responsive and respond perfectly no matter what the screen size. If you’re still wondering whether you need a responsive site, the short answer is yes. In today’s digitally connected world most people turn to their mobile phones when looking for a business or service.

Software Development

Offering custom, scalable and fully-documented solutions, Quesst focus on bespoke, functionally rich and visually stunning web applications. Our web solutions are fully tailored to address your unique requirements and Quesst only use up-to-date technologies and the latest industry trends. We deliver even the most technically complex yet easy-to-use solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Each of our custom applications is developed to offer an efficient solution for your business and built to ensure that it can easily evolve with your business.

Hosting and Architecture

Selecting the right provider to host your site is a fundamental part of your website strategy. Choosing a highly robust, secure and solid platform will enable your site to perform at its best. Because Quesst manage our own dedicated server, we’re able to offer bespoke environments configured to your exact needs. Our hosting package comes with unlimited caps which means you’re able to scale up whilst your business continues to grow. Although dedicated is one of the most expensive options, it is much more cost-effective to partner up with Design & Online Promotions and let us manage it for you.

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design

Good user experience design is always part of the development process and ensures users can navigate your site and don’t drop away. This approach allows for the creation of designs that are clean, simple, intuitive, flexible and engaging. Providing a WOW experience to your users will help differentiate you from your competitors.

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