You can’t host a website without a Domain Name so if you don’t already have one, let us help you choose the perfect one to represent your business online.

We can register on your behalf any TLD Domain Name and take care of the renewal which is normally included in our annual contract fees. If you’re still using a Hotmail or Gmail email account for your business email then Quesst would recommend setting your devices up with a professional email address. You’ll have access to cPanel too, so if you need to set another email account up, that can be done in a couple of clicks. The management and DNS (Domain Name Servers) for your account is all taken care of so you never need to worry about losing your domain or how to manage any settings.

Unlimited email addresses
Unlimited Email Accounts

Create as many email addresses as you need for yourself, employees, and business. We can set them up for you remotely or you can easily do it yourself within your control panel.

Advanced DNS
Advanced DNS

If you already host your email elsewhere through Office 365 or an Exchange server you can keep these settings the same or route email through your server with us.

Domain maangement
Domain Management

No need to worry about the technical aspects of managing your domain, simply give us the account login credentials or Quesst can contact the current provider for you.


If you already have a domain name that you would like to transfer to us Quesst can arrange this for you.

Transferring a UK domain (, .org, .uk) couldn’t be easier and Quesst can contact the current provider for you and handle every aspect of the domain transfer. The process normally takes approx 24 hrs to complete.

Transferring a Global domain (.com, .net, .org, .biz or .info) can take a little longer, sometimes up to seven days. Again, Quesst are able to take care of the transfer for you no matter what kind of domain extension you have.

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