Small business content creation is designed to drive growth, increase traffic and optimise conversions. In a saturated online market, modern business today needs to be much more than just a good looking website.

Websites with static content that are rarely updated are seen as an online brochure. This leaves little excitement and reason for visitors and potential customers to return.

In a nutshell, Content Marketing is about information.

Helpful and interesting content that speaks in your customers’ language. After all, your website should be regarded as a crucial sales tool – a channel that helps your site visitors make a buying decision.

Unlike traditional (old hat marketing) content marketing has no sales pitch. It does not appear on the surface to directly sell or advertise a particular business/brand, service or product. Modern content marketing aspires to capture mindshare with relevant, valuable information that is entertaining, educational and/or emotionally pleasing. Good, quality content marketing accomplishes in creating interest, activity and understanding of the brand it is being created and distributed for.

Start With Making It Relevant

The more relevant the content, the more the page addresses a searcher’s intent. Web search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing very much appreciate helpful, fresh and informative content.

Your business can appear more often (and higher up the rankings) of search listings if you actively keep generating exceptional content. The info should provide relevant answers to the questions search engine users are looking for online. Remember though that superficial, irrelevant, or poorly-structured content could potentially work against you.

Research, Research And Then Research Some More

Your customers are distributed online across the web, digital, and mobile. Creating good quality content is not only about making the search engines happy.

After all, there’s little point over optimising marketing content to increase search engine rankings without having content relevance and substance that your potential customers can appreciate.

Search engines don’t buy your services and/or products, your customers do! Your digital content – web page copy, images, video, whatever it may be, needs to be created with your target audience in mind.

Build The Foundations

To help build a solid content marketing strategy and before starting out on your creative content journey consider the following:

  • Where are your customers most active online?
  • What sites do they visit?
  • What devices do they use the most?
  • What apps do they use and interact with?
  • What social media channels do they engage with?
Digital Marketing Agency

You may already be producing outstanding content but you’re going to waste a lot of your time if it’s not being delivered to the digital platforms that your customers frequently visit.

Content Creation Isn’t Just Plain Text

Your business content doesn’t have to be only words on a page. It can include pictures and media to support the text information. It can also be about posting a video onto Facebook, writing a blog post or tweeting and updating Social pages.

More than ever before, web users are engaging with non-textural content, the likes of audio (Podcasts), video, Webinars and infographics. There’s really no end to the kind of content pieces you can produce that’s relevant to your business, it’s services and/or products.

Multi-Platform – Multi-Dimensional

OK, if you’ve read this far you probably have a much clearer picture about what content marketing is.

But here’s a question you need to be asking yourself – do you have the required in-house expertise and resources to execute quality multi-channel content across an ever-increasing spectrum of digital platforms?

Unless you’re a marketing or media company, then the answer is most likely ‘no’!

” Not Enough Hours In A Day! “

Creating quality content and then marketing the content on a regular basis requires a lot of time. Based on my own experience – to research a particular topic and write a quality optimised enhanced blog article it typically takes around five to six hours. You may have to spend another hour or so carrying out SEO checks and submitting to search engines for indexing.

Lucky you if you have staff within your organisation who can allocate the time to generate high-quality content on a regular basis. And then optimise, publicise and market it – that’s great for your business!

The problem is that most business owners and companies have constraints, don’t have staff with the required expertise and don’t have such a luxury.

But there is an answer to the problem. A solution where your investment can be repaid and more with the benefits and gains from a well thought out digital strategy.

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