Technical SEO is one of the main foundations that drives organic traffic search success.

As search engine optimisation professionals, when Quesst talk about technical SEO, we’re talking about anything that might hinder the spider bots’ ability to efficiently crawl and understand a client’s website.

A Technical SEO Audit is concerned with making sure your website’s platform, hierarchy and architecture are sound, while also ensuring that the search engines can crawl, digest, and understand your website’s content. Without this, any campaign efforts done in the name of optimisation will fall flat.

Multiple Factors

Let’s think of your website as a house – the technical aspects would be the foundation that the house is built upon. If you want to grow your house and put an extension on it (we’ll call that website content expansion), that physical addition will only remain in place – and benefit your house – if the foundation is strong.

In other words, when you want to create more content for your website and look to grow its content footprint and overall authority, it’s the technical aspects that will allow for this website expansion to take hold and deliver SEO authority and ranking disposition throughout your website.

Technical website SEO


Hindering the crawlability (yes, that’s a real word in the digital industry) of spider bots means that you’re hindering search engines’ ability to understand your website. Being able to understand a website is crucial to the indexation and subsequent organic rankings of your website URLs. Without indexation of your URLs, your site will have absolutely no way of receiving organic traffic.

When Quesst manage an SEO campaign for our client’s Quesst look at the technical aspects of a website on a multitude of levels. The search engines must be able to find, crawl and index a website properly!

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