In today’s digital world, the truth of the matter is you will be judged on your online presence.

If you’re a business with no presence coming from a website, social media or online platform then the majority of customers will simply not know who or what you stand for. A businesses reputation is critical, so it has to be a good one!

It’s not only customers who will judge you but your competitors also. Neither will take you seriously if your business isn’t putting its head above the online fortification. Essentially, the credibility and quality of your business are based on the appearance and professionalism that your website portrays. This also applies to the online services marketing it.

Evaluate and improve

The average length of time it takes a visitor to make the judgement of ‘should I stay or should I go’ is just a fraction of a second. If your website is poorly laid out, confusing, unattractive and slow, then you can wave goodbye to your custom. No one likes waiting and that’s especially true for visitors to a website. The same goes for content which should be clear and easy to navigate through. If you haven’t looked at your site in a while it’s probably time to see what’s working and filter out what’s not.

If people can make the decision to move on from your website based on a quick look, what do you think goes through their mind when they can’t find your website online? A poorly constructed site will not rank high on any search engine if at all. If your website suffers from any display or loading errors you can be pretty sure Google will give it the cold shoulder and rank it below your competitors.

Stay ahead of the competition

If you’re a business that’s performing well on the high street, your online presence may be of little concern to you. However, are you prepared to wait for the quiet times that come along every so often and lose out on profits, or much worse?

With recent financial climates closing many high street big names and smaller independent stores and Brexit around the corner, it’s best to be prepared for the future of your organisation.

Utilise digital platforms

When you work with Design & Online Promotions, Quesst offer your business expert digital knowledge and years of experience. We’ve worked with SMEs from a wide range of industry sectors and helped them on the road to utilising digital for their business.

Our job is to take the hassle out of the technology and make your business use it more efficiently. Our priority is to help you become a success online which will generate more sales and enquiries from digital media. Let’s face it, today most if not all of your customers use the internet to buy services or products.

Professional website design

A professional website, built by a knowledgeable website designer will have more of an impact than any free website builder. Our websites are completely tailored around the business and customers using it. And with our best practice Search Engine Optimisation methods your website can rank high and generate the custom you’ve been aiming for. Social Media, Email Marketing and Blogging Platforms are also fantastic avenues of interest for all types of business industries.

So, if you’ve decided ‘you need a website or a better one!’, Quesst can help create for you a professional presence and build a reputable reputation online. You’ll get a sleek new website that your customers and you will love and a high ranking position within search results on all major search engines.

Give your business a serious lift with our digital marketing suite! ...